Interface Network provides a full continuum of services from conceptualizing how a technology or idea will change the future to creating these technologies to achieve this future vision.

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Socio-technical Imaginaries

Socio-technical imaginaries are collectively shared visions of a desirable future. These visions of the future influence the perception of and promote the development of specific technological solutions. Today socio-technical imaginaries are political and cultural, they are multiple, contested and often commodified by private companies. They shape debates, policies and technology development.

Imaginaries are an integral part of innovation and change. They tell a story tied to a specific worldview and emerge through concrete actions. These include building prototypes and engaging communities to demonstrate a future vision and realize ideas.

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Technology Diplomacy

Technology diplomacy is the activity of negotiating, opening communication channels, creating relationships and facilitating conversations with the aim to increase agency within communities regarding technology development. An important aspect of accomplishing this is the contextualization of narratives in order to identify what matters most to communities and cultures implicated by technological change. Then structuring and conducting technology conversations in a way that is intelligible for all participants. Ultimately, the goal of technology diplomacy is to facilitate a cross-cultural narrative in regards to technology development or adoption and to open the door for negotiation between different actors facing uneven power relations.

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Socio-technical Assessments and Audits

In the corporate world, technology assessments and audits often focus on themes such as risk, return on investment and security. Socio-technical assessments and audits turn this on its head by focusing on the social, cultural, ethical and responsibility themes of technology within communities. A socio-technical assessment or audit ensures that a technology or the implementation of a technology is culturally and contextually sensitive. It also ensures that technologies are approachable and accountable to the people and communities affected by change.

Our socio-technical assessments and audits are primarily conducted through participatory observation. We not only engage stakeholders, we become participating actors within the community to get a concrete understanding and sensitivity of how technology interfaces, influences or affects the community. Our approach aims to support our clients toward developing and implementing technologies that respond to and respect the realities of communities and individuals.

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Policy and Standards Development

The development of policies and standards for technologies is a complex and technical process that regularly involves controversial decisions and heavy competition between powerful technology companies. We support communities and enterprises in developing standards and policies for new and existing technologies that are cultural, societal and norms based. Interface Network also actively develops and publishes technology standards in order to achieve our vision for the future. Our policy and standards ensure that communities have a voice in the technology conversation and that the technologies integrate into communities in ways that best support their desires, contexts and norms.

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Digital Tools and Services

Our capabilities extend beyond consulting about technologies, we also develop and create digital tools and services. We bring years of web, open source and software development experience to implement, develop or invent the technologies that realize future visions. Our technologies can be directly used, influenced and built-upon by the communities they are meant to serve and to achieve the future vision held by the community. Interface Network’s processes also ensure that our technologies place communities and individuals first.

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