About Us

Interface Network is an action and research technology governance agency. We foster collaboration and narrative building to overcome complex issues and power imbalances. We aim towards the co-creation of culturally sensitive and approachable networks, systems and processes.

Chris Fraser

Chris is an experienced, entrepreneurial-focused professional with broad expertise in technology policy, government relations, regulation, public administration, software development, and socioeconomics. Chris holds a Master’s in Technology Governance and Digital Transformation, focusing on technological change, innovation, and digital transformation in private and public sectors. This knowledge contributes to the best practice policy, senior advisor, and management experience that Chris bring to the table for a wide range of organizations including governments and private businesses.


Simon Perdrisat

Simon has extensive knowledge and sensitivity towards the social and political implications of digital technology. Simon uses his technical expertise, combined with an academic background in international relations (BA) and technology governance (MA), to approach technology issues at a governance and practical level. Simon has over a decade’s worth of experience being active in the web industry and advocating for open technologies. He has always been committed towards fostering engagement and participatory relationships between people using technology, in the spirit of open source culture.